I met Alyssa last spring when her brother was graduating high school! I got to take his senior photos in Auburn, and she told me when she graduated from Auburn University that I would be taking hers in the fall. I was sitting in front of my computer last November and I finally got her inquiry and I was SO excited! We got her on my calendar and I was ready for her session!

It finally came around (we actually had to reschedule due to weather, boooo) and it was the most perfect fall day! It wasn't cold, it was sunny (which can be hit or miss late fall), and Samford at Auburn University was extra beautiful AND had Christmas decor up since we were about three weeks away from Christmas! I got to hear all about her brother and how he was enjoying college and what her next steps were going to be! Grads are some of the best because hearing what their next plans are makes me so excited and brings me back! It's been 3.5 years since I graduated college (but to be fair I graduated early!), and I miss those days of just making sure my homework was done and my tests were taken. So much so, that I have considered going to grad school, butttttt that's a conversation for another day haha!

I may live in Birmingham now, but I think I'm booking more in Auburn now than I did when I lived there! I frequent Auburn several times a month, so we will make your shoot happen. Inquire now for my Auburn University grads, because I definitely want to get you on my calendar. I do about 20 grads per season, let's work together!