In the heart of Alabama lies a city filled with history and captivating beauty - Birmingham. In this charming city, the love story of Mitchell and Mallori unfolds. Their engagement session took them on a delightful journey, beginning at the iconic Southside Baptist Church and ending in the enchanting Birmingham Botanical Gardens. With perfect outfits and an abundance of fun, their love for each other illuminated the streets of Birmingham, leaving us eagerly awaiting their July wedding at Ridgepoint in Alpine, Alabama.

Mitchell and Mallori's engagement session began at the timeless Southside Baptist Church, a landmark that has stood the test of time in Birmingham. As they strolled hand in hand through the elegant courtyard, the charm of the city enveloped them, and the church served as a symbolic beginning to their promising journey together. Birmingham's heritage intertwined with their love, and it was a beautiful sight to behold.

Dressed to impress, Mitchell and Mallori exuded a natural charm that perfectly complemented the essence of Birmingham. Mallori's flowing floral dress radiated the vibrant energy of the city, mirroring the blossoming flowers found in the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. Meanwhile, Mitchell's sharp suit exuded confidence and sophistication, a reflection of the city's modern allure. Together, their outfits harmonized beautifully, symbolizing their unity and shared excitement for the days to come.

From the historic Southside Baptist Church, Mitchell and Mallori's journey continued to the breathtaking Birmingham Botanical Gardens. As they wandered amidst lush greenery and colorful blooms, their love bloomed just like the flowers around them. Birmingham's natural beauty served as the perfect backdrop, highlighting the joy and enchantment that filled the air. I will also add that the Botanical Gardens is my new favorite place to shoot at. I want to go here every day!

With each smile and laughter, the gardens seemed to come alive, mirroring the couple's genuine affection for each other. Birmingham was witness to their love story, and its charm only deepened as they explored the serenity of the gardens together.

As the sun began to set on their enchanting engagement session, our hearts swelled with anticipation for their upcoming July wedding at Ridgepoint in Alpine, Alabama. Surrounded by the majestic beauty of Alabama's nature, Mitchell and Mallori will declare their love and commitment to each other, promising a future filled with happiness and cherished memories.

In Birmingham, Alabama, love blossomed for Mitchell and Mallori during their unforgettable engagement session. Starting at the historic Southside Baptist Church and meandering through the beauty of the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, their journey symbolized the city's rich history and captivating allure.

As we eagerly await their July wedding at Ridgepoint in Alpine, we send our warmest wishes to this extraordinary couple. Birmingham, Alabama, will forever hold a special place in their hearts, as it was witness to the love that bloomed between them. May their love story continue to thrive and inspire, just as the charm of Birmingham continues to captivate all who visit its streets.

With love,

Maddie xoxo