Tips to Have the Perfect Session

Happy Wednesday! I'm here to tell you how you can set yourself up for success to have the perfect photography session with me (or another local photographer). There are a few ways you can walk into your session knowing you're going to nail it, and I'm here to tell you how.

1.) Reach out early - if you're looking to have spring or fall photos done, it ALWAYS helps if you reach out early. Those seasons book SO quick, so you don't want to be stuck in a time that is inconvenient to you (ie. having to take off work, not having enough time to pick outfits, etc.) Saturdays are the first to book always, so maybe opt for a Sunday afternoon or even Thursday evening session.

2.) Plan coordinating outfits - If you're wanting a session with a partner, you will be SO happy you did! They will make your pictures coordinate better and to be honest, it's a lot easier to edit as well. My favorite colors to photograph are pinks, blues, pastels. Plan a date night and go shopping! It also helps to know the location you're going to as well and make sure your outfit fits the theme. You might not want to wear a white shirt with jeans outside a museum, rather opt for a maxi dress and khaki pants.

3.) Know your photographer - get on Instagram and check their style. Look at their tagged photos. If you're wanting light and airy photos, but select a dark and moody photographer, you may want to see if they will adjust their editing, or maybe just choose a different photographer. It can be really hard as photographer to edit a style a client wants, and a lot of them won't even do it but can recommend someone they know who will!

4.) Check Pinterest - Pinterest is a great place to find photo pose inspo. You may have a pose you really like or want to do, but your photographer might not even know it. For me, it is ALWAYS okay to send me Pinterest inspo so your session is exactly how you like it! Plus, maybe I can learn a new pose idea from you.