On Sunday, I had the honor of meeting Isaiah and Bailey in downtown Birmingham, Alabama to capture their engagement session! Bailey and I go wayyyy back to high school, but I have never met Isaiah, so it was SO much fun getting to know him!

We met up in downtown Birmingham, and when I saw I was OBSESSED with Baileys dress, I mean I was obsessed. I told her how much I appreciated she was wearing pink (it's both of our favorite colors) and my heart SWOONED when she told me her bridesmaids are wearing pink for her June wedding!

After we left downtown, we went to the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. I forgot that they closed at 5:00, and guess what time we walked in... 4:57! I can't lie, I slightly panicked but there were still SO many people there that we were able to get 30 minutes in and they never said anything... and we weren't even the last people to leave! I call that a win! I was able to take over 400 photos there in all of the best spots, so it was definitely a successful day.

I am so honored that Bailey chose me as her wedding photographer. She actually DM'ed me on Instagram before Isaiah proposed and told me I would be doing their wedding, she was just waiting on him to propose, and picked her wedding date around my summer availability! When brides do that, it truly means so much and I will NEVER take this job for granted. I love all my brides so much, and truly feel like I have known them forever. Thank you will ever be enough!